Flavorpill’s 10 Most Anticipated Summer Art Exhibits

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to take a trip. This season promises take you to heaven and hell with epic video projections by Marco Brambilla and back into your childhood with a Jim Henson retrospective. Geographical proximity providing, it’s going to be a hot one. From Magritte’s dirty little secrets to the curatorial efforts of John Waters, here are some of the exhibits we’re most looking forward to later this summer and a few freshly opened shows to hold us over.

Santa Monica Museum of Art: Marco Brambilla: The Dark Lining
May 21 – August 20, 2011

Just watch Marco Brambilla’s video work Civilization! It’s a Dante’s Inferno-inspired, layered loop — a spiritual journey from hell to heaven comprised of footage from hundreds of genre films in a pulsating collage. Now imagine something this epic in 3D. Brambilla premieres his new, 3D work Evolution at his first solo exhibition at the Santa Monica Museum of Art this summer. Seven of his major works will be exhibited, including Syncthree-channel video of movie fight scenes, sex scenes, and theater audiences, densely edited to fire at 12 shots per second — and Cathedral, with its kaleidoscopic imagery recently “borrowed” by Lady Gaga. Don’t feel too bad about that last part. A juggernaut in his own right, Brambilla directed the video for Kanye West’s “Power.”