Bompas & Parr on Breathable Cocktails and Culinary Mayhem

Self-described “jelly mongers” Sam Bompas and Harry Parr are just beginning their rise to cultural prominence in the US, but at home in England they’re veritable celebs. The absurdly creative culinary scientists have been pushing food and dining boundaries in the UK for years, from staging an overblown, tongue-in-cheek 12-course, 4,000-calorie Victorian breakfast at Warwick Castle to a scratch n’ sniff Valentine’s Day screening of Peter Greenaway’s The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover.

Beyond their over-the-top happenings, Bompas & Parr are most well known as the creators of innovative flavored gelatins (aka jellies), infusing their jelly with flavors both sublime and bizarre, molded in myriad shapes and sizes for all occasions (weddings, funerals, the sinking of the Titanic). For our latest interactive interview, we caught up with the pair to discuss their madcap adventures and their first book, Jelly Mongers, which features many of their most popular (and craziest) recipes, as well as tips, tricks, and stunning photos. Click through for the full interactive video interview, where you control the questions. Then, flip through our Bompas & Parr photo collection, including shots from the book and the personal collection of Sam Bompas himself.

For more Bompas & Parr, check out our photo gallery below, visit the duo’s official website, learn more about their upcoming projects, read up on their chocolate waterfall, and buy a copy of the book.

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Image courtesy Sam Bompas. Photo credit: Greta Ilieva