Gallery: East Meets West in Hush’s Klimt-esque ‘Twin’ Series

UK graffiti artist Hush has made his stateside return with Twin, a new exhibition that recently opened at New Image Art Gallery in West Hollywood. A trained graphic designer and illustrator, Hush is known for his layered murals that combine street art sensibilities with elements of Japanese visual culture, like anime. Much of his art is reminiscent of the golden-swathed women of Gustav Klimt, updated with a graffiti edge. Hush’s newest works focus on the concept of duality, exploring “the contrasts between old and new, the past meeting the future and the fusion of Eastern and Western culture.” In Twin, he paints two identical female figures and uses color, light, and darkness to delineate between the women and make a commentary on the conflict between beauty and power, sensuality and innocence, and East and West.  Check out some of Hush’s gorgeous women after the jump and, if you’re in LA, be sure to stop by the exhibition before it ends on June 18th.

Hush, Untitled, 2011, acrylic paint, screen Print, spray paint, ink on wood. All images via New Image Art.