A Literary Tour of the Most Well-Read Cities in America

Yesterday, Amazon released a list of the most well-read cities in our fair nation based on media sales so far this year; you may find the results surprising (we know we did). We’ve taken the top ten cities and created a list of books that are based in each to create a virtual literary tour for your reading pleasure. As always, if you see we’re missing the quintessential novel from a certain city that’s close to your heart, take us to task in the comments.

10. Arlington, VA

Sorry, Arlington. We had some trouble finding a novel that encapsulated life here without it being some throwaway military techno-thriller, so we chose Dinaw Mengestu’s incredible 2007 debut, The Beautiful Things that Heaven Bears, which is based in D.C. (specifically, a grocery store in Logan Circle). Will you ever forgive us, you well-read Virginians? We hope so.