10 Great Reinterpretations of Radiohead Songs

Yesterday the good folks over at Stereogum posted their 20 favorite covers performed by Radiohead. It’s a fine compilation, and well worth downloading – among other things, it reveals that the ‘Head love Neil Young, as there are five different Young songs included, along with covers of songs by Can, Björk, Magazine, Portishead, and various others (including Glen Campbell’s “Rhinestone Cowboy,” curiously). Anyway, it got us thinking about the natural corollary to this – covers and reinterpretations of Radiohead songs performed by other people. Here are ten of our favorites from over the years (note: this list does not include Amanda Palmer and her ukulele).

Doveman – “Airbag”

Stereogum’s love for Radiohead is well-documented –  back in 2007, they also released OK X, a tenth-anniversary recreation of OK Computer with each song on the album performed by a different admirer. As you might expect, it’s a mixed bag, but there are a couple of quality interpretations included – Vampire Weekend’s “Exit Music (For a Film)” and David Bazan’s “Let Down” seemed to win most of the critical plaudits, but we’re quite partial to the very first track, Doveman’s understated interpretation of “Airbag.”