Some Famous Hipsters We Wouldn’t Mind Punching

In case you haven’t heard, today is National Punch a Hipster Day. According to Facebook, almost 10,000 people attending — which sounds like bad news for 20-somethings on bikes wearing feather headdresses. Since we don’t condone violence and hope to dissuade you from wandering through Williamsburg or Silver Lake brandishing brass knuckles, we thought we’d draw your attention to ten famous hipsters who might make better targets. You know, if you have to punch anyone. Which you don’t. OK?

Terry Richardson

As a sought-after photographer, 45-year-old Terry Richardson has snapped everyone from the cast of Glee and the Jersey Shore crew to Kanye West and James Franco in drag. His photos are almost always sexy, boundary-pushing, and controversial — which is fine with us. What’s troubling is that he doesn’t seem to draw the line between art and life. Tons of models and others in the fashion industry have called him out for sexual harassment and coercion. The fact that he remains such a powerful force is, frankly, depressing.