10 Amazing Bee-Related Artworks

Earlier this week the NYPD shut down a block of Little Italy because a massive swarm of bees decided to relocate from their overcrowded hive into a city mailbox, effectively swallowing it up in a matter of minutes in a visually stunning spectacle of nature. A local beekeeper was called to isolate the queen and scoop 15,000 of bees safely away. No one got hurt, but the story generated enough fascinated buzz for us to wonder… Are bees inspiring? Why, yes! Here are our ten favorite artworks made with real bees, beeswax and honey.

Dutch designer Tomas Gabzdil Libertiny’s Unbearable Lightness at Design Miami / Basel 2010 was, essentially, a honeycomb Jesus humming with 40,000 live worker bees. As commentary on humanity’s after-life dreams and daily toils within society’s boundaries, Libertiny had his bees ooze out honey into the martyr’s porous flesh, working diligently, unaware of their transparent prison. We’re bees, get it? Meanwhile, the Holy honeyman appeared to float like a humanoid swarm.