10 Classic Beach-Themed TV Episodes for Your Weekend Inspiration

Fun, sun, ocean breezes, and wait — is that Zach Braff? Yes. Yes it is. It seems like every TV show — or at least every sitcom — has an obligatory beach episode jammed in somewhere or other. Often it’s a time-out from any regularly scheduled drama, a vacation from the plot line, as it were, or sometimes it’s just an excuse to show ladies in bathing suits in a relatively plausible way. Well, we don’t mind. Now that it’s officially summer, we deem it to be the beach episode of our daily lives, and so for a little sandy inspiration, we thought we’d take a look at ten of our favorite classic beach-themed TV vacations, from the ridiculous to the, well, ridiculous. Click through to watch clips from the list, and let us know which of your favorites we’ve missed!

Happy Days, Season 5, Episode 1: “Hollywood”

A history making moment if ever there was one. The Fonz goes waterskiing in a leather jacket. A shark appears. A few moments later, an idiom is born.