Photo Gallery: Behind the Scenes Photos from Classic Films

As a general rule, we’re in favor of technology. But while we glanced through Angus Shamal’s roundup of the best behind the scenes photos from Ain’t It Cool News (which we spotted thanks to swissmiss), we couldn’t help but wonder if all of the CGI and motion capture of today has led to sets that are far less interesting than of those of the past. Something has been lost. Just think: There were actual birds loose on the set of The Birds! The real life version of the Nostromo was just as epic as what you see on-screen in Aliens. And don’t even get us started on all of the insanely-detailed, jaw-dropping modernist interiors from 2001. Yowza. We’d be happy to move right on in. Click through, and we think you’ll see what we mean.

Behind the scenes image from The Shining via