Linda McCartney’s Intimate Photos of the Beatles, Hendrix, and Twiggy

Linda McCartney was the first woman to land the coveted Rolling Stone cover with her portrait of Eric Clapton. Her photographs captured the Beatles kicking it at Brian Epstein’s house, Mick Jagger hanging back with Brian Wilson and everyone from Hendrix to Twiggy, completely unguarded. Over 200,000 photos by accomplished music photographer and Paul McCartney’s late wife were sorted to compile the 288-page Taschen tome Linda McCartney: Life in Photographs. Those photographs are now on view at New York City’s Bonni Benrubi Gallery through the end of July. See a selection of the images here, including personal, revealing shots of the McCartney family.

Linda McCartney, My Love, London, 1978. Courtesy Bonni Benrubi Gallery