The 10 Worst Dads in Film History

Well kids, Father’s Day is Sunday, so we hope you’ve bought your tie or drill or whatever. Dads always get the shaft in the holiday sweepstakes; mothers get flowers, candy, elaborate gifts, songs written for them, shout-outs on television, and, let’s face it, fathers sorta get taken for granted. But if the movies have taught us one thing, it’s that the potential for being a terrible father is limitless. We’ve compiled a list of the worst fathers in movie history; check it out after the jump, and maybe give Dad an extra hug on Sunday.

Lt. Col. “Bull” Meechum, The Great Santini
PLAYED BY: Robert Duvall
PARENTING STYLE: A Marine pilot, Meechum runs his family like a military unit. He’s bullying and abusive, yet aloof — he has no more clue how to engage with his children than he does with his men. But he will not abide by questioning or insubordination, and his fierce competitiveness is (to put it mildly) not his best quality.
KEY QUOTE: “Hey, hey, mama’s boy! Bet’cher gonna cry. Gonna cry? Let’s see you cry. Cry, sport, cry.”