From Iggy Pop to Godard: Our Favorite Culture “Daddies”

Who’s your daddy, punk? No, really! See, some children aren’t just flesh and blood. Some “dads” breed cultural revolutions and art movements. Father’s Day is upon us, and for that occasion, we thought we’d round up a few of our favorite proverbial “Fathers of…” world-altering happenings. Here’s to the virile musicians, writers, and scientists and their rumored, disputed, and celebrated paternity of something new and potentially wonderful. Naturally, it’s a subjective little group, so do feel free to contribute. We’re all family here!

The Father of Punk: Iggy Pop

He was once a young kid from a Michigan trailer park who was mesmerized by Jim Morrison’s stage shenanigans… so he one-upped him. Years before the Sex Pistols arrived on the scene all styled out by McLaren–Westwood, Iggy Pop fronted the Stooges with that sound and those moves. He bled, he vomited, he convulsed, he reveled in excess and survived. According to some, he even performed the first ever stage dive at a concert in Detroit, but who knows.