10 Celebrities Who Should Definitely Have Their Own Talk Shows

We recently learned that Bethenny Frankel, of Real Housewives and resultant spin-off fame, has teamed up with Ellen DeGeneres to start working on a pilot for her very own talk show. Though available details are few, Frankel told the Hollywood Reporter, “I want to be on TV in a format where I can have a longer conversation with my fans rather than 140 characters on Twitter.” Now, we’re not too sure what we think of this — does the world really need more Bethenny Frankel? Since we’ve yet to try the Skinnygirl margarita, we’re not at liberty to say. But we can think of several celebs whose talk shows we would watch without a doubt, especially if they turn out the fantasy talk shows we imagine for them. And don’t worry — we’re not about to suggest James Franco. That kid does enough. Click through to see our list of ten celebrities that should definitely have their own talk shows, and to check out our predictions as to what those gab fests might look like. And of course, let us know who else you’re dying to see in a maroon armchair in the comments!

50 Cent

How could this be anything but amazing? We imagine something along the lines of Fiddy’s Biddies, which, if you didn’t know, is an entire Tumblr devoted to chronicling the women 50 Cent flirts with on Twitter. 50 could bring on a series of fly ladies with serious environmental and social service projects and then let them talk while he just nodded, smiled, threw out some creative compliments, and thought about how great his life was. Eminem would be a frequent guest, despite the fact that those nights would always inexplicably go awry.