Gallery: Brian Parillo Makes Hollywood Glamorous Again

These days, with TMZ and supermarket tabloids inundating the public with news of celebrity stretch marks and crotch shots, it’s fair to say that much of Hollywood’s magic is gone. But Los Angeles-based photographer Brian Parillo, whose art we came across over at Mocoloco, is on a quest to restore its glamour. In Hollywood, Parillo shoots historic landmarks such as the Capitol Records building entirely in black and white, presenting a district that is moody, romantic, and worthy of the silver screen. His alluring images seem to suggest that Lauren Bacall or Frank Sinatra could enter the frame at any time. It’s clear that Parillo has an eye for film — many of the photos are haunted by stormy skies, adding textural depth and movement to Hollywood’s timeless architecture.  Click through to see some of our favorite images from Hollywood and be sure to check out Parillo’s website for more.

Image credit: Brian Parillo Photography