10 Music Videos Made By Unlikely Directors

Pitchfork reported recently that Drew Barrymore is apparently going to direct the next Best Coast video. When you think about it, the collaboration actually makes perfect sense. Barrymore has spent time on the other side of the camera in the past — she directed 2009 roller derby feature Whip It, along with a TV documentary back in 2004.  And she’s also by all accounts well into her indie music (you can read Jens Lekman’s hilarious account of meeting with her about the Whip It soundtrack about a third of the way down this page). Anyway, the news got us thinking about other videos that have been made by people known for other things apart from making music videos. Here’s a selection of the most notable.

Kim Gordon

She directed: The Breeders — “Cannonball” (1993)

Before you jump all over us in the comments, yes, we know that this was co-directed by Spike Jonze. However, it was very much Gordon’s baby — she hired Jonze to share directorial duties after being impressed with the work he did on Sonic Youth’s “100%,” the only other video he’d made before “Cannonball.” It’s a shame that this remains the only video Gordon’s made — she did a fine job, and “Cannonball” remains as memorable for its dropping coins and shot of Kim Deal blowing bubbles as it does for its bassline and slinky guitar riff.