25 Great Parties on Film We Wish We Could Have Attended

Movies teach us how to party. Think about it: How many teen movies — almost all of which inevitably end in some kind of dance or parents-out-of-town blowout — did you watch before you were actually old enough to go to a high-school party? From sophisticated dinner gatherings to all-night ragers, we’ve all fantasized about scoring an invite to one of the glamorous parties we’ve seen on the big screen. With summer in full swing and theme ideas for our own future fêtes in mind, we asked the experts in Flavorpill’s extended family to tell us which celluloid party they’d most like to have attended. Their picks, and ours, are after the jump.

House Party

As Alexandria Gamlin points out, the entirety of House Party “is about the throwing the most epic, illegal, banging house party of the school’s history.” She’s partial to the dance-off scene where Kid ‘n Play perform the Funky Charleston — aka the Kid ‘n Play Kickstep. “I’ve never been to any house party where at some point, someone didn’t try to start up this dance,” she writes. “It lives in infamy, and usually I’m the one trying to start it.”