Battle of the Bands: Fictional Musicians vs. Their Real-Life Counterparts

We’ve been hearing a lot of buzz recently about Jesse Plemons (ahem, Landry Clarke from Friday Night Lights) and his real-life band, Cowboy and Indian. Some of our favorite Landry scenes in FNL were related to his Christian speed-metal band Crucifictorious, but Cowboy and Indian may be, if anything, its polar opposite. Watching Landry croon bluegrass melodies on guitar and sip whiskey under a warm light in his recently released vido got us thinking about all the characters with bands who actually have bands in real life — and which ones are better. Click through for our roundup of bands from TV and film whose members are — for better or worse — actually musicians, and tell us if you agree with our verdicts in the comments!

Crucifictorious (Landry Clarke), Friday Night Lights vs. Cowboy and Indian (Jesse Plemons)

Landry Clarke’s high school Christian metal trio Crucifictorious was notoriously bad. Plemons actually wrote the terrible-on-purpose songs for his fictional band, which didn’t necessarily bode well for any real-life effort, but we have to say, Cowboy and Indian (also a trio, mind you) makes lovely, bluesy stings music for sipping lemonade on the front porch.

Winner: Cowboy and Indian