10 Albums That Would Make Great Television Series

Despite composing an Academy Award-winning film score, Trent Reznor isn’t done with Hollywood yet — his long-dormant HBO project has finally found its screenwriter. As if the thought of a Reznor-helmed television project isn’t bizarre enough, the long-in-the-works series titled Year Zero will be based on the 2007 Nine Inch Nails album of the same name. Yes, the HBO-developed, Jim Uhls-penned show will take a dystopian concept record as its source material. Now, the news has us thinking about albums we would want to buy the TV rights to. Check out our suggestions after the jump, and leave yours in the comments.

Prince Paul, A Prince Among Thieves

A Prince Among Thieves is The Wire of hip-hop albums. Compelling, complex, and gritty, it tells the story of an aspiring young emcee who is introduced to the drug world and is subsequently lost to the streets. Cinematic and character-driven, it is an album that demonstrates hip hop’s storytelling at its best, and thanks to climatic police ambushes and one deadly showdown, would make for thrilling television.