Watch James Franco's New Music Video

In case this tidbit got lost in your daily pile of James Franco news, let’s review: the actor/artist/filmmaker/author/Oscar host recently announced that he’s releasing a dance EP, a collaboration with his performance-art soul mate Kalup Linzy that boasts production by DJ/rupture. Because Franco never does anything halfway, each song from the duo of 7-inches will get its own music video. Today, Stereogum brings us the first clip in the series, for “Rising.” And it’s pretty much what you’d expect: a project floating somewhere in that zone between Internet meme and video art, with Franco doing backup vocals for Linzy’s slightly off-kilter R&B panty-dropper. There are some hazy double exposures, a good amount of casual drag theatrics, a lot of purposefully bad effects, and the whole thing begins and ends with Franco and Linzy apparently spacing out on a couch in what looks like a cloud of smoke. It’s a fairly useful framing device, if you ask us. Watch the video after the jump, and let us know if you’ll be dreaming of James Franco’s smirking, disembodied head tonight.


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