10 Forgotten '90s Counterculture Movies You Need to See

Trainspotting. Empire Records. Reality Bites. The Crow. Pump Up the Volume. The list of ’90s counterculture movies whose popularity has continued into — or been revived in — the 21st century is a long one, full of beloved films (many of which we celebrate on a regular basis at Flavorwire). But what happens when you need a subversive nostalgia fix and yet another viewing of My Own Private Idaho just isn’t going to cut it? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this list of ten wonderful (or at least entertaining) ’90s counterculture flicks you may have forgotten — or never knew about in the first place. Impress your friends by whipping them out at your next movie night, and add your own picks in the comments.

SFW (1994)

Stephen Dorff became the filmic embodiment of Gen-X apathy in this tale of Cliff Spab, a shaggily handsome young guy taken hostage one night (along with four other people) in a convenience store by a terrorist group called S.P.L.T. Image, who threaten to kill their captives unless their seige is aired on international, live TV. Cliff’s catchphrase, even in the face of death, is “so fucking what?” — and once he escapes from the store, saving a pretty teenager named Wendy (a young Reese Witherspoon) and sacrificing his friend Joe (Jack Noseworthy), his mantra becomes a rallying cry for a generation. SFW is faintly ridiculous, but it’s also a dose of pure ’90s youth culture. And the soundtrack, featuring everyone from GWAR to Radiohead to Babes in Toyland to Soundgarden, is fantastic.