A Survey of Fireworks-Related Art

With the Fourth of July weekend looming so attractively on the horizon, we’ve got pyrotechnics on our minds. If you’re planning on seeing some or setting some off, flip through our slideshow of firework- and sparkler-related art and daydream away. Ooh! Aah! Ow! That does not look safe, Ryan McGinley. Sure it’s cinematic, but girl’s getting singed! Which reminds us, conversely, some of these contemporary works of art can be used as “don’t” illustrations for safety tips. Enjoy!

Nude youth frolicking through sparkling explosions is one of Ryan McGinley’s staple motifs. It has a sort of magical quality to it, like a fabricated, bragging story of a cra-a-azy party that never took place, you liar. Unless somewhere out there someone’s getting propelled wrong-end-first through a cloud of fireworks… Ryan McGinley, Fireworks Hysteric (2007-2008)