Anton Perich's Photos of Cultural Icons Partying in '70s New York

Young-faced John Waters, precociously festive Brooke Shields, wild-eyed Salvador Dali and Tennessee Williams guffawing at Studio 54 — Croatian-born artist/filmmaker/photographer Anton Perich captured some of 20th century’s most talked about icons at their most hardiest of party moments, first as a busboy at the legendary Max’s Kansas City, then as a contributing photographer to Warhol’s Interview magazine. Recruiting some of Andy’s Superstars for his own films, Perich was the Grace Jones haircut to Nico’s Chelsea Girls bang trim. Perich also pioneered digital art with the invention of a pre-inkjet printer electric panting machine, but for those still happily bogged down by the mythology of those bygone years, never mind. Let’s souse in these celebrity snippets of mostly ’70s, partially NSFW party life.

A note to NYC readers: CURRENT ELECTRIC, the debut of new electric paintings and video by Perich, is showing at Bushwick’s Microscope Gallery through July 11th.

Andy Warhol, Polaroid, Anton Perich