Joseph O. Holmes's Fascinating Photos of People Texting

Fashionistas. Orthodox Jews. Hipsters. Middle-aged guys playing chess in the park. Dudes at the beach. Art-museum patrons. Food-cart vendors. Young women commuting in the rain. Grown-ass men with bubble guns. In a new photo series by Joseph O. Holmes, which we spotted via Kottke, these characters all have one thing in common: they’re texting. Each of the images that comprises Texters spotlights a person, usually in the midst of a beautiful, engaging urban setting, engrossed in typing on his or her cell phone. By sharpening his focus around the texter and letting the background go blurry, Holmes manages to underscore the way these devices can isolate us without coming across as harshly polemical. Click through some of our favorite Texters images after the jump, then view the rest of the series at Holmes’s Flickr page.

Photo credit: Joseph O. Holmes

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