A Few of the Best Music Videos You've Probably Never Seen

To celebrate the launch of its new video site, NME recently published a list of the 100 Greatest Music Videos Ever. As ever with these things, there are some strange omissions (no “Windowlicker”?) and some strange rankings (“Wicked Game” at #3? We know that Helena Christensen looks hot, but come on…), but generally, it wasn’t a bad piece of work. However, it did get us thinking about the fact that videos are usually deemed “great” — or at least memorable — by association with the songs they accompany. If said song isn’t a hit, then its video tends to be forgotten, no matter how good it was. This is a shame, because there have been some fantastic videos accompanying relatively obscure songs over the years. Here’s ten of our favorites from the last decade or so — as ever, your suggestions are welcome.

Eskmo — “We Got More”

Back in the years before digital editing, filmmaking and editing was an incredibly tedious and painstaking process. These days, someone with the talent and vision to come up with something like this — a kind of Inception-esque urban Escher scene with giant walking televisions, basically — can realize it with little more than a piece of stock footage and a torrented legal copy of the right software. Truly, we live in an exciting era. Anyway, this is one of the overlooked gems of recent years, and the music’s not bad either.