Modern Ruins: The Beauty of Abandoned Amusement Parks

Last week, we clicked through a gallery over at Gawker documenting the still-ruined state of Six Flags New Orleans and marveled at the strange, surreal beauty of the destroyed theme park. Abandoned spaces are always interesting in their own way, particularly, to our minds, when nature begins to reclaim something forced upon it by man, but we think abandoned amusement parks are especially fascinating. After all, much like clowns and small children singing, the pomp and wild colors of many amusement parks are only barely to one side of the line between happy and ominous. It all depends on how the light is hitting them. Though these theme parks have definitely crossed over into creepy, we think there’s something beautiful and nostalgic about them, reminders of an age that seems to be slowly dying. Click through to see our gallery of abandoned amusement parks from all over the world, and let us know what you think in the comments.

Six Flags New Orleans

Photos by Richard Thompson III via Gawker

Originally opened as Jazzland, Six Flags New Orleans has been abandoned since it was plunged underwater by Hurricane Katrina almost six years ago. Against pressure from the city, who owns the land, Six Flags has refused to rebuild the park. Though there are some rumblings that a Nickelodeon-themed park will eventually be built in its place, for now the park sits empty.