The Best Musician Cameos on 'The Adventures of Pete & Pete'

As we reported,  Nickelodeon plans to re-air some of their most beloved ’90s series in a block dubbed The ’90s Are All That. While some at Flavorwire worried that this resurrection of Kenan, Kel, Clarissa, and the like will rob these shows of the nostalgia that endear them to us (and make for such impassioned party conversations), others rejoiced. We poured ourselves celebratory orange sodas; we hung up our Fergface dart boards; we even went so far as to start our nostalgic navel-gazing a bit early and re-watch The Adventures of Pete & Pete. We discovered that a lot of our favorite musicians stopped by Wellsville during Pete & Pete‘s three seasons — from Iggy Pop to Michael Stipe, a surprising number of artists have made bizarre and wonderful cameos. After the jump, check out ten of our favorite guest appearances.


Polaris served as Pete & Pete‘s house band throughout its run and, most famously, provided the series with its memorable indie rock theme song, “Hey Sandy.” Besides soundtracking in the show’s opening credits, Polaris also sporadically appeared in episodes. The band plays a prominent role in “A Hard Day’s Pete,” in which Little Pete grows obsessed with an overheard garage band’s song (“Summerbaby”). Comprised largely of members of New Haven indie rock act Miracle Legion, Polaris’s only album was 1999’s Music From the Adventures of Pete & Pete.