From Warhol to Holzer: Our Favorite BMW Art Cars

BMW recently launched a virtual museum featuring 17 of its commissioned “works of art on wheels.” Visitors can vroom around the site between the Roy Lichtenstein-ed, Frank Stella-fied, and Jeff Koons-tomized vehicles, and view short video vignettes about the making of each car. The vids drop a few curious revelations — like Rauschenberg dubbing his car a “wonderful virgin.” Generally, they are just long form commercials for BMW, with carefully selected, amorous soundbites. Still, they are worthwhile to watch for glimpses of each talent at work alone. See the individual videos at the BMW Art Car Tour and check out our favorite four-wheelers in the gallery below to see what we’ve learned.

Andy Warhol (USA) 1979 BMW M1 Group 4 Race Version

Andy Warhol showed up with a full entourage but painted the car himself with 13 pounds of paint in 28 minutes flat and then asked for another one.