Required Viewing: Great Summertime Horror Movies

Mosquitoes, sunburns, sweat — summer can be a bit of a nightmare. Don’t get us wrong, we know how magical the sun-soaked days from June to August can be; the beach, beer gardens, fireflies, ice cream cones, rooftop parties — as the Fresh Prince says, in the summertime there’s an air of love and of happiness. Yet, when we are sitting in our sweltering, unair-conditioned apartments, the love and happiness quickly fade. In these moments, perspective is important. In order to remind ourselves that there are worse things that humidity (like, you know, death), we’ve compiled a list of our ten favorite summertime horror movies, from bloodbaths at camp to road trips from hell.

Friday the 13th (1980)

Summer camp — a place of arts and crafts, swim tests, and sexual experimentation. Crystal Lake was a camp like any other until two frisky counselors sneaked off into a cabin, leaving an unattended Jason Voorhees to drown. After years of murders and other assorted bad luck, it reopens only to be preyed upon by a mysterious killer. Friday the 13th is a gory shocker that brought the slasher genre into the mainstream. The film may have turned into a bona fide franchise, spawning 12 sequels of varying quality, but the original is tense, suspenseful, and remains the gold standard for slasher flicks.