10 Blogger-Owned Record Labels You Should Know

In the course of our morning reading today, we came across this article in Wired about San Francisco label and music blog offshoot Love Letters Ink. The article’s not helped by a silly headline (“hacking the record industry,” indeed) but the premise of looking at blog-related labels is worthy enough — the rise of labels built on music blogging foundations has been one of the more interesting developments of recent years. Unlike Wired, we’re not so sure that they are in any way altering the landscape of the record industry — they’re indie labels, basically — although their origins do raise some interesting questions about where criticism ends and publicity begins. Either way, they’re certainly home to some fascinating music, and after the jump we’ve pulled together ten more noteworthy blog-based labels. What are your favorites?

Tri Angle

The poster child for successful blog-based labels, Tri Angle arose out of Robin Carolan’s fantastic 20 Jazz Funk Greats blog, which is still going strong with its mix of idiosyncratic writing, psychedelic obscurities,  and guest-curated podcasts. Tri Angle’s become pretty much synonymous with witch house, having released records by the likes of Balam Acab, How to Dress Well, and oOoOO. All those bands were featured on 20JFG before signing with Tri Angle, demonstrating the comfortable synchronicity that blog and label can share – perhaps a little too comfortable, depending on exactly how much impartiality you expect from your bloggers. But, anyway, whatever your philosophical and ethical view on the idea of combining blogging and selling, there’s some fine music to be had here.