10 of the Oddest Emmy Nominees of All Time

Earlier this morning the Primetime Emmy nominations were announced, and the internet is abuzz over who deserved recognition and who was outrageously snubbed. If there’s remotely the same kind of interest in the nominations as there has been in years past, then TV fans and critics are already having a field day. But before we weigh-in on what we think of this year’s crop, let’s take a look at some of the oddest nominees in Emmy history.

Bronson Pinchot, 1987 nominee for Outstanding Actor in a Comedy, Perfect Strangers

In 1987, a strange wardrobe, stranger accent, and assortment of catchphrases were apparently enough to snag an Emmy nomination. Balki Bartokomous was certainly one of the more, uh, memorable characters of the ’80s, but it is sort of incredible to see that Pinchot was considered at the top of the comedy field when viewing the talent pool that was his competition: Bob Newhart, Ted Danson, Harry Anderson and winner Michael J. Fox. We only wish Pinchot had won so that he could have performed the dance of joy at the podium.