Gallery: Preview 'Jim Henson's Fantastic World'

If Sesame Street was your primary baby-sitter back when you were a kid, and you considered Kermit and Miss Piggy some of your closest friends (cough, cough), then you’ll want to be sure to check out Jim Henson’s Fantastic World, a traveling, 130-plus piece exhibition of the famed puppeteer’s original artwork, which opens at New York’s Museum of Moving Image this weekend. On display, you’ll find a mix of rough sketches and drawings, puppets, original storyboards, experimental video, and of course, tons of amazing photographs that document the rise of the Muppet franchise and give viewers an unparalleled glimpse inside of Henson’s brilliant mind. Click through now for a quick preview.

Henson and his characters. Photo credit: John E. Barrett, courtesy of The Jim Henson Company. Kermit the Frog © The Muppets Studio, LLC.