‘GQ’ Names the Worst Dressed Cities in America

The blazer-loving editors over at GQ just released a list of the 40 most “sartorially challenged metropolises” in America, and we’re saddened to report that all of Flavorpill’s favorite cities — from Los Angeles (“Fantasy-dressing reigns: men dress like boys, women like tweens, and middle-aged women like the trophy wives they once were”) to Dallas (“Forget J.R. Ewing. The 21st century Big D douchebag favors Fight Club frosted tips and whisked jeans over Stetsons and ostrich-skin boots”) to Seattle (“The city that made plaid cool is somehow still wearing it, 20 years post-Nevermind“) — made the cut, so to speak. Click through to see where your hometown falls on the list, and let us know if you agree with these seemingly random rankings in the comments.

Los Angeles. Image via GQ

1. Boston
2. Los Angeles
3. Pittsburgh
4. Chicago
5. Manhattan
6. Philadelphia
7. Maui
8. Salt Lake City
9. Miami
10. St. Louis

Brooklyn. Image via GQ

11. Brooklyn
12. New Orleans
13. Las Vegas
14. Martha’s Vineyard
15. Provo, UT
16. Santa Fe
17. Atlanta
18. Austin
19. Jersey Shore

Burlington, VT. Image via GQ

20. San Francisco
21. Houston
22. Wasilla, AK
23. Dallas
24. Saint Paul, MN
25. Buffalo
26. Orlando
27. San Diego
28. Burlington, VT
29. Newport Beach

Seattle. Image via GQ

30. Cleveland
31. Detroit
32. Omaha
33. Asbury Park, NJ
34. Seattle
35. Raleigh
36. Portland
37. Kansas City, MO
38. Bristol, CT
39. Nashville
40. Boulder, CO

[via Racked]