A Look at Baltimore’s Urban Decay

The photoblog Urban Atrophy is home to camera-wielding urban explorers who are “addicted” to capturing decay. To bring you these images of abandoned asylums, breweries, silos, tunnels, jails and churches, adventurous buds Dan Haga and Dan Ayers have risked falling through rotted floors and being exposed to asbestos, “some really nasty mold,” and the law-enforcing authorities, in, around and in the vicinity of the Baltimore area. Their prize? Some local scenes reminiscent of Chernobyl, surreal, pealing walls, degenerated theater rows lit with splintered sunlight from holes in shattered roofs. Nifty stuff and now… a nifty Urban Atrophy coffee table book! Travel to these dangerous landmarks safely with our gallery.

DC General Hospital. Courtesy Urban Atrophy