From David Lynch to Andy Warhol: Ranking Multi-Hyphenate Artists

If you cringe every time actor-turned-artist James Franco sells an imaginary artwork or artist-turned-filmmaker Miranda July makes a movie about a talking cat, too bad. The age of the hyphenated artist is upon us! Whether they’re exhibiting versatile ways of rounding up media hoopla with attention-seeking genre crossovers or they are just so damn talented, one form of artistic expression is clearly not enough, here are some contemporary Jacks and Jills of all — or at least two — trades, in a roughly lovable-to-detestable order.

In 1977, Variety called Eraserhead “a sickening bad-taste exercise,” but that deformed, sore-speckled parasite barfed the way for David Lynch’s storied, cultishly beloved and Oscar-approved career in film. Also, in television, animation, art, photography, music, furniture making, fine coffee purveying and meditation guru-ing. Also, he makes good quinoa. Lynch may have started out as a painter, but he spread his definitive flavor of weird into the crevices of almost every artistic genre possible. You don’t have to like it. Don’t. It will make those lines to get into his new nightclub in Paris shorter.