WTF WWD: Lady Gaga’s Old News is REALLY Old News

Question: Are things really so desperate over at WWD that they felt the need to recycle quotes and images of brunette Lady GaGa humping a disco ball from a 2007 interview and repackage it as a Before She Was Famous type thing? Answer: All signs point to yes. We’re only forgiving them because the secondhand piece contained this quote:

“When someone sees a girl in a two-piece out on the town, people think she’s a ho. We think that’s awesome. It’s rock ’n’ roll. [Something more conservative would be] like David Bowie doing Ziggy Stardust in a sweat suit. No one wants to see that.”

You start sounding like David Bowie, and we’ll stop hating on your stripper clothes. How’s about that, GaGa? And WWD — if you’re going to rerun old material, at least make sure the subject is someone with something interesting to say. Like Karl Lagerfeld.


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