Sitcom Parents Who Aren’t So Wholesome in Real Life

Bob Saget is trying to destroy our childhood. Over the weekend, video circulated of the one-time Full House super-dad accompanying Ben Folds on a cover of the Dr. Dre classic “Bitches Ain’t Shit,” reminding us once again that Danny Tanner is dead. Since we’ve followed Saget’s antics over the past few years, the incident wasn’t a surprise. It did, however, get us thinking about all the actors who have played apparently wholesome parents on our favorite TV shows, but who turned out to be a bit more complicated in real life. From raunchy comedians and crazy people to drug dealers and sex criminals, our list of badly behaved sitcom parents is after the jump.

Bob Saget, Full House

It didn’t take his and Folds’ rendition of “Bitches Ain’t Shit” to prove that that Bob Saget is nothing like sweet, neat-freak Danny Tanner. Ever since the show wrapped, he’s been intentionally exploding his wholesome image with raunchy humor. His appearance in The Aristocrats is positively filthy —  and Saget’s potty mouth is hardly limited to his telling of the infamous dirty joke.