15 Apartments on TV That We Wished We Owned

After our post on dream movie apartments generated so much discussion, it occurred to us that another installment was in order. Television is just as responsible as films are for our unrealistic apartment fantasies. Sunken living rooms, hardwood floors, and skyline views were all common fixtures in the homes of our favorite characters — rarely did we see a protagonist wrangle with poor water pressure or get stuck with windows that faced brick walls. With that in mind, we’ve complied a list of the best apartments on television, from the Bass-Van der Woodsens’ swanky uptown abode to Fraiser’s chic Seattle sprawl. Share your own picks in the comments.

Frasier’s apartment on Fraiser

Frasier’s Seattle apartment makes living in the Emerald City look far more straight-laced than we imagined. While we could do without the psychiatrist’s restrained modernist touches, we are suckers for his apartment’s interior architectural shapes. Plus, Frasier’s view of Seattle’s skyline is unreal — literally: The panoramas were constructed by the show’s producers after they decided the Space Needle should appear more prominently. In reality, no one in Seattle could have a view like that.