The Best Art Projects in the History of Kickstarter

The largest funding platform for creative projects in the world, Kickstarter is the DIY artist’s dream-come-true. With a great idea, a fabulous video presentation, and some tempting swag, almost any project — regardless of how fanciful it may seem — can get off the ground. We dug deep into the site to pick the 10 best art projects, including some that are still open to contributions. From Spencer Tunick’s round up of nudes at the Dead Sea and Molly Crabapple’s five-day confinement making wall drawings to Swoon’s musical architecture in New Orleans and Eric Schwabel’s human light suit on the playa of Burning Man, Kickstarter helps make these imaginative projects a reality. Watch the highly entertaining video presentations that funded the projects and let us know if you’ve contributed to any Kickstarter dreams.

Spencer Tunick is known the world over for his group installations of nudes in public places. Ari Fruchter needed $60,000 to organize a Tunick installation involving thousands of participants at the Dead Sea in Israel. With 706 pledges − ranging from $5 for email updates on the project to $5,000 for a signed 30×37 inch limited edition print from the Israel installation, private party invitations, and credit as a sponsor on the installation website − the project has raised a whopping $116,270 and is now scheduled to take place on September 17, 2011.