When Bob Went Electric: 8 Major Transformations in Music

Music is an ever-changing field. To keep up with the times, you must adapt to them, or be left behind. Musicians in particular suffer under the yoke of modernity, since something new is happening literally every moment — not to mention that they tend to be creative types with a million different ideas up their sleeves. Whether temporary or permanent, out of necessity or on a whim, these musicians have changed their sounds, styles, and minds in huge ways that have affected their music, their fans and in many cases, their world. Click through to check out our list, and let us know which of your favorite musical transformations we’ve missed in the comments!

Bob Dylan

We’ll defer to the words of another songwriting giant, Loudon Wainwright III: “When Bob went electric man, everything changed.” Dylan was the acoustic voice of a generation, and his foray from folk into rock music polarized his audience, drawing boos at his historic 1965 Newport set, which he had decided last minute to play electric. In the years that followed, he heard cries of “Judas!” when he brought out the axe, but since then everyone has pretty much settled down and accepted his brilliance in both forms.