10 New Must-Reads for August

It’s the tail end of summer but you wouldn’t know from the heat, would you? We propose a list of books worth reading as you hightail it to the beach while there’s still time, because you have 30 days left in this fine month. Make it count by reading a few of the following books (mostly novels, plus one nonfiction upstart). It doesn’t matter if you’re in to crime thrillers, political dramas, fantasy worlds, or tales about a quirky family of art stars — we guarantee that you’ll find something you like on this list. So read on, dear readers, and let us know what you’re excited about reading in the weeks to come.

White Heat by Melanie (MJ) McGrath (August 4)

Edie Kiglatuk is a no-nonsense, slightly alcoholic resident of a tiny town in the Arctic; her former job was being a polar bear hunter. She now takes white people on hunting expeditions. A sample: “Maybe it was just the romance of the High Arctic they were after, the promise of living authentically in the wild with the Eskimo, like the expedition brochure promised. Still, she thought, they wouldn’t be living long if they couldn’t bring down something to eat.” White Heat is a crime thriller, and is McGrath’s first crack at fiction.