10 Books Any Self-Respecting Feminist Needs on Her Shelf

Jen Kennedy and Liz Linden run a website called Contemporary Feminism, and we’ve asked them to create a list of ten books that any self-respecting woman would have on her bookshelf. “We’ve made the assignment a little easier by selecting from what’s available in our project book swap, which is part of an exhibition titled “The Missing Library,” the duo writes. “It’s a constantly evolving feminist library where visitors are encouraged to take a book from the collection in exchange for leaving one from their own. You can keep these books for a day, a week, or a lifetime, as long as you leave a different book — any other book that you think is feminist — behind.” Click through to check out their selections, and if you’re in New York, visit The Missing Library at the Dumbo Arts Center before they close up shop on August 14th.

The Complete Poems: 1927-1979 by Elizabeth Bishop

Life is better with Elizabeth Bishop close at hand. If you can’t make it to The Missing Library, you can view some of her poems here or find more information about her on her Poetry Foundation page here.