A Brief History of TV Weddings

My Fair Wedding, Say Yes to the Dress, Get Married — there is no shortage of wedding-related TV programming. Now it seems unremarkable for nearly forgotten celebrities to broadcast their wedding to strangers across the nation, sharing their fairytale ceremony with audiences who are betting on how soon the divorce papers will be filed. Here at Flavorwire, we wondered how a private milestone became such a public phenomenon, how the highly-anticipated and romantic TV unions of yesteryear became the Bridezillas of today. After the jump, check out our compressed timeline of TV weddings, from Carol and Mike Brady’s blended family to TLC’s gypsy nuptials.

Tiny Tim and Miss Vicki (The Tonight Show, 1969)

Televising real-life marriages is hardly a new phenomenon — in 1969, Victoria Mae Budinger, aka “Miss Vicki,” married novelty singer Tiny Tim on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. The marriage was widely recognized as a publicity stunt — Tiny Tim was more than twice his wife’s age — yet the wedding attracted more than 40 million viewers, making the episode one of the most successful in late-night history. After eight years of matrimony and the birth of daughter Tulip Victoria, the couple divorced.