50 Obama Artworks That Aren’t by Shepard Fairey

As our fifth youngest president celebrates his birthday with cheers from sea to shining sea, we made him a present in honor of his 50th. The Internet, as it turns out, is full of Barack Obama-inspired art, and we got it right here — Obama paintings, Obama acid tabs, Obama graffiti and street art, Obama made out of breakfast cereal, butter and gumballs, Obama sponge-bathing nude with a unicorn… We think since Shepard Fairey’s mega-popular HOPE poster is too thoroughly entangled with the president’s image, we’ll leave him out and mix it up a bit. Here are fifty impressive, creative, and WTF?! works of art in the image of our Prez.

Ron English

Kenneth Tin-Tin Hung

Jayson Musson


Mike Leavitt