Photo Gallery: Scenes from Violence-Torn Kingston, Jamaica

Belgrade-born, Brooklyn-based Boogie is kind of a legend. The photographer has earned a certain notoriety in the industry, capturing unique, gritty, black and white scenes of the real Brazil, Cuba, and Japan and fearlessly traversing through perilous social circles, from NYC gang members and Serbian skinheads. This summer, Boogie traveled to Kingston. As one of the world’s most violent countries, Jamaica has one of the deadliest police forces whose corrupt, violent actions have been documented by the media. Hundreds of people are killed by the police a year, up to five a week. Most of these killings are undocumented and suspect. Human rights groups call these “extrajudicial executions.” Locals call them murders. Boogie’s recent photographs and snapshots capture the daily life of Kingston’s residents —  scrap yard scavengers to DJs to masked street warriors — to the backdrop of bullet ridden buildings and ominous presence of “uniformed vigilantes.” See them in our gallery.

Photo credit: Boogie