The 10 Best Songs by Cartoon Musicians

We all know the mental agony that is the earworm, the frustration of having one song unwelcomely soundtrack your actions throughout a day, from shampooing your hair to hailing a cab. This torture crosses over into the realm of humiliation when the tune you can’t stop humming is performed by a group of cartoon characters. And yet, our enjoyment of these songs isn’t always unwarranted — plenty of the songs we hear on cartoons are catchy as hell. So plug in your earphones and turn away from nearby coworkers because we’ve compiled a list of undeniably good jams that just so happen to have been sung by animated musicians. Check out our choices after the jump and be sure to leave your own suggestions in the comments.

Mystik Spiral, “Every Dog Has Its Day” (Daria)

The gifts that MTV’s Daria has given us are seemingly endless, but the music of Mystik Spiral is one that just keeps on giving. Led by preeminent slacker Trent, the grunge band plays music rather infrequently, focusing instead on engaging in “anarchist actions” and talking of the inevitable “big break.” While Mystik Spiral’s songs are few and far between, “Every Dog Has Its Day” easily rises above its competitors. The song perfectly sums up the band’s allure: hilariously inane lyrics all delivered in Trent’s lazy drone.