A Brief Tour of the World’s Most Artist-Friendly Neighborhoods

Birds of a feather flock to… Bushwick, Brooklyn. That’s the latest New York neighborhood to be officially dubbed an “artist mecca.” Ah, the perks of affordable arty ‘hoods. Space, community, stuff to do, space and stuff to do together as a community, and of course, the ever-elusive sweet spots with affordable housing and studio space. With a little help from our friends, we set out to locate more of these artist-friendly residential clusters in New Orleans, Moscow, Beijing, and beyond. Of course, these are just a few and they’re always changing, so feel free to join in the discourse and drop a suggestion!

It’s not just income-poor, up-and-coming artists who come to seek out studio space, affordable rents, “underground” parties, and culture in Bushwick, between Brooklyn’s “trendier” Williamsburg and “rougher” Bed-Sty. It’s known for its own un-Chelsea Row-like gallery scene, and reputable non-profit art organizations, and blue-chip galleries are moving in too. Really, between stalwart Bushwick’s Open Studios and DIY-awesome Maximum Perception Performance Festival, it was pretty poppin’ before the Associated Press ever decided it was newsworthy.