Photo Gallery: Sander Koot’s ‘Back from the Future’ Project

Conventional wisdom says that we can never go back in time and recreate a moment once it has passed. Perhaps the recent trend in photography of pairing old images with new is an attempt to defy this logic. Maybe it’s somehow tied to our culture’s obsession with before and afters. Whatever the reason behind it, we always find the results fascinating. Netherlands-based photographer Sander Koot, whose Back from the Future series we came across on My Modern Met, would likely agree. “In this project, I ask people to find old portraits of themselves, of which they have good memories, when talking to them about the picture, you see them reliving the happy moment,” he explains. “Only after I know all the details about the past of that picture, [do] we start the shoot.” Click through to check out some of our favorite recreated photos.

From the series Back from the Future, courtesy of Sander Koot