Buzzworthy Debuts at the Edinburgh International Book Festival

The Edinburgh Book Festival starts today, which means that loads of readers, 800 writers, and a slew of literary sharks will be in Scotland in order to eat bland food and take in a lot of readings. This year marks the return of the Newton First Book Award, which includes contributions from 47 debut novelists as well as seasoned authors whose work has been published in English for the very first time. You can vote on the winner from now until October 7th, so get informed via our list below. These books are generating the most buzz for first-time writers in English for good reason, so click through to see the rising stars of the literary world and the novels we’ll all be talking about in the weeks (and hopefully years) to come.

Boxer, Beetle by Ned Beauman

Ned Beauman is 26 years old and his debut novel is about a man who collects Nazi memorabilia and smells like rotting fish. It is also about a gay Jewish boxer living in 1930s in London’s East End, so get ready for parallel stories. Boxer, Beetle has been nominated for the Guardian First Book Award, and Peter Carty from the Independent writes, “This is humour that goes beyond black, careening off into regions of darkness to deliver the funniest new book I’ve read in a year or two.”