Minor TV Characters Who Deserve Their Own Spin-Off

The summer’s long break from network TV has given us plenty of time to over-analyze our favorite shows. One thing we’ve noticed while longing for new episodes of everything from Parks and Recreation to Mad Men is that the characters we miss most — and the ones we find most fascinating — aren’t always the show’s principals. With this in mind, we realized that there are plenty of minor players on TV who merit their own spin-off. We suggest ten after the jump. Let us know who you would add in the comments.

Carla, Mad Men

We have many reasons to hate Betty Francis, and one of them is that she fired poor Carla for letting Sally see Glen Bishop one more time before the family moved. This apparently intelligent and caring housekeeper suffered countless abuses and humiliations during her time with Betty and the kids, but we’d be surprised if she averaged one substantial line per episode. And that’s a shame, because while Mad Men gives us a complex portrait of ’60s life, it tends to confine itself to the troubles of its white, upper-middle-class principals. We would love to see both this world and Carla’s through the eyes of a character who truly has a stake in the civil rights movement and the era’s other campaigns for justice. So, while we wait for her to get a spin-off, at least we have her Twitter feed.