Ingrid Dabringer’s Witty Subway Map Portraits

If you’ve ever noticed that Portugal resembles a man’s face in profile or pointed out that Manhattan looks pretty damn phallic on a subway map, then you’re sure to appreciate Canadian artist Ingrid Dabringer’s always witty, often beautiful hand-painted maps, which we discovered at Core 77. Turning the New York City transit guide upside down, she transforms the five boroughs into a fist-pumping bro, while an archaeological map of Middle America suggests a flamenco dancer with a brightly patterned skirt. Dabringer even manages to incorporate some light political commentary, in a piece called Ireland Hexes the UK. Click through for a gallery of our favorite altered maps, then visit the artist’s website to see more. You can also buy reasonably priced prints of Dabringer’s work at Etsy.

Ingrid Dabringer, New York City Subway, 2010, acrylic and map, 17″ x 22″